2021 National Scout Jamboree Band 


                                           The 2021 Jamboree Band will be comprised of musicians who will supply music for ceremonies, events, concerts, standing performances and generally to entertain the many scouts and visitors to Jamboree.  Repertoire will include popular and patriotic music, marches, and pep band tunes grades 2, 3, 3. Scouts who can double on set, guitar, bass and keyboard are needed.  Band members will be accepted according to ability and instrumentation beginning summer 2020, continuing until all positions are full. This form is needed to determine an applicants musical ability.  If you have any questions please feel free to email the director (see below).

To be filled out by Applicant (print neatly)

First Name ________________ Last Name _________________________Age ____   Grade in school/college now ______

Address ____________________________________  Town ________________________  State _______ Zip ____________

email _____________________________________________

Years in Scouting____________ Rank __________Positions held   _____________________________

Instrument _______________Years playing  _____Secondary instruments(s)/Years playing  _________________________  

Do you study privately?  Yes    No         How long? _______

Do you currently play in a band? (not a requirement)   Yes        No  (circle)       How long? ________  

Check all that apply: Concert  ____ Marching ____   Jazz band  ____ Small ensemble  ____  Other _____________

Musical honors/Awards/Bands you have played in           _______________________________________________________________________________________________________   _______________________________________________________________________________________________________


Recommendation by Band Director or Private Teacher   The applicant will need to play at a fairly proficient level to accommodate the many musical demands.  If in college or older scout please complete this part yourself. 

Please rate.......

Overall musicianship of applicant             Excellent      Good       Fair        Poor

Sight reading ability                                   Excellent       Good       Fair        Poor

Dedication                                                 Excellent       Good        Fair        Poor

Maturity                                                     Above Average     Average     Below Average 

For Percussionists  -  Rate ability on each of the instruments     4 = Excellent  3 = Good  2 = Fair    1 = Does not play

                                   Snare_____  Bass _____  Quads _____  Mallets/bells _____   Set _______ 

Additional comments _____________________________________________________________________________________




Director/ Teacher Name _________________________________  School  ________________________________________

Email __________________________________________________  Phone ________________________________________

Please return to the Jamboree Band Director within 2 weeks.         Thank You

                   George Pinchock    Office of Music Activities, Villanova University, Villanova, PA 19085

                                   pdf to George.Pinchock@villanova.edu,     or fax to 610-519-7596