For Accepted Band Members

Information for Accepted Band Members

Arrival /Departure - (tentative) The band will report on Saturday July 17 (travel day) with 1st meeting/rehearsal on Sunday July 16 at 1:00 p.m. The Jamboree begins on July 21. The Jamboree band will depart with all other staff on Friday July 30 beginning at noon. There is some flexibility if needed.

Music - Music will be sent to you several months in advance. More will be distributed at the Jamboree. 

Uniform - Your regular Class A uniform will be the band’s regular Class A uniform with the official Jamboree neckerchief and hat. No special patches required. You will want to affix a Jamboree Service Team pocket patch. Our Class B uniform will be the band t-shirt, official Jamboree hat, and scout shorts with scout socks. Multiple Class B shirt will be needed. 

Visiting the Jamboree -  Parents, friends and family will be able to purchase visitor passes to visit the Jamboree on visitor days.

Social Media - Band specific information will be posted during the Jamboree.

Name Tag - If you choose to order a name tag, the suggested format is….. First Line - Your name, Second line - Jamboree Band 


* New information will be posted as it becomes available.