General Information  as of 7/8/20

Registered Scout - In order to participate, you must be a registered Scout, Venture, Explorer, Scouter, or College Reserve.

Participant and Staff - It is not possible to be in the staff band and be a Jamboree participant with your Council.

Musical Ability - Members of the Jamboree Band will need to play at an excellent high school band level. 

Age - You must be 16 by the opening of the Jamboree.

Average Age - The average age of a band member in 2017 was 18 not counting directors. Youth staff encompasses ages 16 - 25.

Director Recommendation - In order to help select the band, a recommendation is needed. This can be completed by your band director, private teacher, or if you are in college or an older scout, you may complete this by yourself.  Click here.

Cost - For youth Service Team members ages 16 - 25, the cost is $450. In addition to the Jamboree fee, an additional cost of around $45 will be required for band specific items.

Meals - All meals are covered while at the Jamboree

Travel To and From the Jamboree - Travel to and from the Jamboree is the responsibility of each scout. Travel Information will be available from National.

Instrument - With certain exceptions, you must bring your own instrument. Marching drums will be supplied. Keyboard and amps will also be supplied.

Jamboree Band Leadership - The Band Director is George Pinchock from Villanova University in Pennsylvania along with a qualified musical staff.  

Getting around the Summit - Travel by foot is the way to get around the Jamboree. Get in shape!  The band will have use of a vehicle to transport instruments when needed.  

Rehearsal and Gigs - There will be several days of rehearsals prior to opening day. When the scouts arrive, the gigs begin.

Experiencing the Jamboree - Scouts will have time off to experience parts of the Jamboree. 

Organization - Organizationally, the Jamboree Band is attached to the Stadium Shows Team. 

Visiting the Jamboree -  Visitor passes will be available for parents, friends and scouters. Visit the Jamboree website for information.

Social Media - Band specific information will be posted during the Jamboree.

Acceptance Policy - A balanced band will be chosen from all applicants according to instrumentation and ability based on the director recommendation. 

About the Jamboree Band - In 2017, 100% of scouts who applied were accepted. Directors and scouts were from 34 states. Ages ranged from 16 - 25 for the youth staff and 26 - 65 for the adult staff.  Everyone who applies is conditionally accepted into the band with the understanding that the Jamboree Band will be chosen from all conditional applicants according to instrumentation and ability starting in Fall 2020.

If you are not selected - Unfortunately, it is not be possible to accept everyone who applies. If you are not selected, you may choose your second or third staff choice, or become a free agent or you may request a full refund. If an opening does occur, you will be given preference to claim that spot.

2025 National Jamboree Band 

The 2025 Jamboree band will begin forming approximately 24 months prior to the Jamboree around June 2023. To have your name put on a mailing list please email the director

General Information