For Accepted Band Members

Information for Accepted Band Members

Arrival /Departure - The band will report on Saturday July 17 (travel day) with 1st meeting/rehearsal on Sunday July 16. The Jamboree begins on July 19. The Jamboree band will depart with all other staff on Friday July 30 beginning at noon. There is some flexibility if needed.

Music - Music will be sent to you several months in advance. More will be distributed at the Jamboree. 

Uniform - Your regular Class A uniform will be the band’s regular Class A uniform with the official Jamboree neckerchief and hat. No special patches required. You will want to affix a Jamboree Service Team pocket patch. Our Class B uniform will be the band t-shirt, official Jamboree hat, and scout shorts with scout socks. Multiple Class B shirt will be needed. 

Visiting the Jamboree -  Parents, friends and family will be able to purchase visitor passes to visit the Jamboree on visitor days.

Social Media - Band specific information will be posted during the Jamboree.

Name Tag - If you choose to order a name tag, the suggested format is….. First Line - Your name, Second line - Jamboree Band 

* New information will be posted as it becomes available.